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In 2019, I got my own domain and hosted a website at bograham.xyz. For a long time, it remained mainly a single test page, playing a song called "This is a Test." Due to my then ISP's bad practices, namely not providing static IPv6 addresses (?!), I had the whole site in an iframe and a bit more style. Then it was down for a time, until I started renting out a VPS, after which point, I had a site act mainly as an online CV. Then, in late 2020, I decided to use a SSG to help style a personal blog. I gave up on that, and then in January 2021, I stumbled upon an easy guide to set up an instance of a Fediverse server. This spurred me on to set that up, add a mail server, and create this site, all of which took me around 4 days.

This site is hosted on a VPS running Debian GNU/Linux, because not only should any and every server run Linux/BSD, Debian is especially well-renowned for its stability and reliability. I use NGINX as my web server instead of Apache, simply because it performs better. The VPS provider specifically is Vultr, though that's not because they're necessarily better than alternatives, they're just who I chose. I've had a very good experience with them so far. They have fair prices, DDoS protection, and a lot of other qualities.